You’ve just received a new order.

The marketing, the website, the product, the sourcing, and the transaction processes were all worth it. Everything went smoothly!

Now it’s time to package the order and send it out to the consumer. It has to make it through the journey and get it to your customer’s door in one piece. Everything must be flawless when they open it.

Don’t undervalue the importance of this. The packaging you use affects the customer’s perception of your business. But it goes much further: packaging has become an essential element of the product. It may just catch your customer’s eye for a split second, but it will forever change the way they see (and talk about) your product.

How Packaging Can Increase Sales

Since more than seven out of ten buyers say packaging influences their purchasing decisions, businesses must think about their packaging not only from a functional aspect, but also from a marketing and sales standpoint. What effect does packaging have on sales?

When consumers are presented with a variety of product options in the store or online, one of the most important factors in their decision is the packaging. Consumers have little information to go on besides the packaging when deciding which product to grab off the shelf and consider purchasing unless they have done prior research. Many customers will prefer a product with eye-catching packaging. In fact, the majority of buyers have tried a product because its packaging caught their eye on the store shelf, emphasizing the importance of packaging design in helping your product stand out from the crowd.

Packaging, as previously said, is an excellent technique for raising brand awareness. Your logo and other brand features can be clearly displayed on your packaging, and the package itself can be a brand aspect. Customers will become aware of your brand if they see your packaging at a store and are more likely to think of your brand the next time they need a product you offer.

2 Main Things When Choosing The Right Product Packaging 

Your target market: One of the most important considerations is your target audience. You must be aware of their preferences, interests, and expectations from your product. You may expand your understanding in this area by surveying clients and researching your customer data. For example, your clients may appreciate easy-to-open packaging or like soft, pastel colors.

Your brand: Your packaging should reflect the personality of your company, as this will help customers recognize your products and help you establish a clear brand identification. A stand-up pouch with metallic ink and a simple design, for example, can work nicely if your business is sleek and modern.

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