Products are sometimes damaged or lost during the shipping process. When your customer receives a product that isn’t what you described, it can be very frustrating. Shipping damage happens more often than you might think, and affects different parts of the world at different rates. In addition to the fluctuating rates of shipping damage, how you package your product is vital to protect it from loss, damage, or destruction during shipment. Although there is no guarantee that your product won’t be damaged during shipping, these tips will help keep your products safe during transit.

Domestic delivery will put the packaging to the test, with difficulties ranging from weather-related humidity and temperature variations to human error, such as falling or in-vehicle impact. If you’re shipping abroad, your packaging can face various problems, such as changes in air pressure, or just more of the same, such as friction or compression, throughout a long journey.

So, how do you secure your goods most efficiently and cost-effectively possible?

Choose the proper box

The package you use to ship products has a significant impact on how well-protected and displayed the product is when it arrives. For optimal protection, a new or gently used box is needed. It must be structurally constructed to meet the requirements of your product.

Customized boxes tailored to your product are an excellent investment in terms of safe shipping and distribution. Consult with shipping and packaging experts to decide the right cardboard grade and fluting for your items.

Increase the amount of wrapping for longer distances

In general, the longer your package travels, the more security it needs. When shipping abroad or to a remote domestic area, the shipment is more likely to be lost or mishandled. Using an extra layer of wrapping, ensuring the product is stable in the package, and using extra tape will also help to ensure the product arrives safely.

Quick tip: Use industrial-strength, water-activated and pressure-sensitive tape so your parcel doesn’t split open during shipment.

Materials to ‘cushion’ your products

Finally, with a ‘safe filling’, you can add an additional degree of security to your packaging. The use of these products is only made of polystyrene foam or bubble wrap. Still, the leaps and limits in the packaging production industry have since been made. Arcel mixes polystyrene and polyethene more effectively than Styrofoam to handle the shock. ChamberPak is a filled-in air tube that provides a less voluminous solution to the bubble wrap.

But keep in mind that a secure fit is essential for keeping the product secured in the package; it is imperative to avoid packing products too tightly. Avoiding tight packaging is particularly crucial if the products are delicate glass or soft and impressionable. Excessive pressure on the component can cause it to split, crack, or change shape. Items should be safe but not tense.

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Parcel Coverage Insurance

Regardless of how well your goods are being packaged and protected before shipment, things are out of your hands after they have been shipped. Consider insurance if you are frequently shipping delicate goods or products not easily substituted. There is always a possibility of goods getting lost or damaged in transit, so the company may benefit from a financial security net.

Final words

Packaging and shipping are often overlooked aspects of your supply chain. You may have an amazing product, but you’ll lose a large portion of it as damaged goods if you use the wrong packaging. Unfortunately, package damage isn’t as avoidable as you might think. In fact, around 50% of all the packages shipped are damaged in some way or another. That is a pretty staggering statistic! Not only does that affect the bottom line of your business, but it also reduces customer satisfaction.

Following these tips, you can reduce harm and increase consumer loyalty with your goods and packaging. High-quality components and transparent labelling without damage have a favourable effect on the view of the brand as well by consumers. This will raise loyalty and even win promoters for your brand! There is nothing more than refined packaging and harmless goods for the clients. Be recognized as the always delivering business!