Do you look at a direct mail piece and wonder, “Why do they use that cliché?” Here are four you shouldn’t use anymore

Free mailing list

“You get what you pay for” is a cliché, but it’s actually true. It is well known that there are many companies, which are offering free mailing lists. The problem is that often you do not know who the users are or what quality of traffic you will be getting. Some of these free lists are useless for your targeting as the addresses are obsolete, or the addresses belong to people who have no interest in your niche. For example, suppose you decide to send direct mails about “bathroom renovations” to a list of 70 year old retired people. In that case, chances are you’ll end up driving them all crazy!

Free design

Where the eyes go, the brain follows. We really do think with our eyes. What you see is what you think and feel. If your direct mail piece doesn’t grab attention visually, it will be tossed before it even gets a chance to convince your prospect to read on.

Direct mail is only for the masses

If that were the case, direct mail would be a less effective marketing tool. Rather than sending out a bunch of mail in the hopes of getting a response, you can use custom-tailored mailing lists to approach incredibly targeted audiences. As a result, direct mail is an excellent communications tool for businesses of all sizes and types.

Direct mail marketing is dead

Last but not least, we’ve included one of the most ridiculous clichés. Direct mail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, studies repeatedly show that direct mail provides a higher return on investment than any other marketing medium. Almost 80% of the households that receive advertising postcards read them. As a result, half the households will make more than one purchase within a year. As marketing response goes, that’s pretty lively.

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What to do instead

Reach out to more specific audience by targeting the audience rather than saturating one region with direct mail. Understanding who will be interested in your company will help you increase response rates and build a loyal following.

Make sure your design is good. Remember to consider the target demographic and what they might enjoy

Team up with K-Print so you can avoid these clichés and get right down to the business of growing your business.