Everyone wants to make an impact with their advertising dollars. That’s why it makes sense to measure your print advertising campaign’s effectiveness because only then will you know if your money is being spent wisely. Here are three tips to help you quantify your campaign’s effectiveness and ensure that your hard-earned money is well spent.

Use unique coupon and discount codes

Coupon codes might seem outdated or a lost form of promotion – but they can still be highly effective.  One study showed that 87% of shoppers use coupons when an offer is applied to online shopping which means that they would be more inclined to purchase items if there was a coupon for it… and you can clearly do the same with print advertising! If your local business has some kind of promotional offer, consider creating something unique to use as a coupon code so you could promote. After distributing, you can follow up by measuring how many times that coupon code was used to estimate your campaign’s effectiveness. You won’t be able to track impressions, but you can track action on the ads, which is also an important measurement.

Using QR Codes

QR codes are simple. It’s easier than you think. Even if you’re not a marketer, even if you hate technology, even if you don’t want to use a smartphone… QR codes make sense for your business. Just make sure you add a CTA to the QR code. A QR Code advert with CTAs will intrigue the customers and motivate them to scan the code. Add a frame to the QR Code to include the CTAs to help make them stand out.

Rely on questions when taking new leads

Simply ask your new customer how they found out about you. If a customer makes a new purchase through your website, make it mandatory by forcing users to specify how they heard about your brand, using printed material as an option.

Over time implementing these strategies, either individually or in unison, you’ll be able to calculate the overall ROI of your campaign. It won’t take long before you see that print advertising can be just as powerful as digital with the right approach and the right tools.