There’s probably a story behind your website’s “about us” page. As you’ve already heard, people engage through stories. In fact, storytelling is a vital business skill, and when implemented effectively, it can boost a business in several ways, such as improving customer loyalty, creating a strong marketing strategy, and increasing profit. But how do you provide customers a great story? A story that is physically forwarded? The answer is catalogs.

Why Print Catalogs If We Can Use The Internet?

We know the internet is effective; what we don’t often realize is that the internet is also affected. The internet works hand in hand with other media forms, such as television, radio, and print. The idea is to use one to increase your chances of being successful with the other.  As the studies have shown, catalogs are the most effective. Most studies have indicated that catalog-marketing is the most efficient way to reach out to your consumers. Catalogs insist on being read. It’s not the same browsing through them on a screen.

Imagine this: I click on your expensive ad that forwards me to your website. Unfortunately, I am not fully engaged with your product or service; I’m not 100% convinced. I close your website as nothing has happened. I was not confident enough to make the purchase. I have probably forgotten your website forever in just a few seconds. There’s no physical or visual connection anymore between your business and me; it’s gone (unless you want to pay enormous money on retargeting).

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

The average length of keeping the catalogs is approximately 20 days. It means that people engage with catalogs on a deeper level. Having a catalog around the house to pick up and look through triggers customers to think about ordering again. Potential customers have a visual emphasis on purchasing your product or service, meaning it has better recall over more extended periods and builds stronger brand associations. Customers can smell the paper, turn the pages, feel it on their fingertips. It is a physical experience, making offers as a complete experience. All in all: it’s real, physical, and gives your business extra credibility.

There’s no longer a competition between digital marketing and printing. It’s all about combining these as a collaboration to create inspiration and engagement that satisfy your customer and your company’s bottom line. If you are a catalog-based business, you should utilize the internet, and if you are a web-based business, you should use print. Bring both industries together to unify the gap between them. It’s a tremendous multi-channel marketing strategy. After all, that’s the beauty of direct response advertising: We don’t need to sit around debating internet vs. printing. We do both to maximize our results!

If you want to start maximizing your results and earn some extra credibility from your customers, send us your ideas, and we make it happen!