K Print was issued an environmental management certificate ISO 14001 and a quality management certificate 9001. Let’s take a closer look:

ISO 14001 

ISO 14001 is a set of requirements that organizations must meet if they wish to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) – a system that deals with environmental issues. ISO 14000 sets the requirements for an EMS and describes elements such as risk assessment and control, measuring effectiveness, and continual improvement, which are essential in maintaining a healthy environment.

Environmental management is an opportunity for a company to demonstrate that its impact on the environment is planned and controlled during producing and marketing goods or services. The company’s concern for the environment is reflected in the consumption of raw materials, the choice and use of energy sources, the application of technology, the management of emissions and industrial waste, and communication solutions and the transportation and distribution of products.

ISO 14001 shows that we act on a daily basis to save the environment, and we have assessed the company’s risks and found solutions to prevent them.

ISO 9001 

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system which assists you in improving the quality of your product or service. It does not accomplish this by itself, but rather by providing a framework that allows you to document and evaluate your processes, which in turn can aid improvement.

For organizations to compete successfully with their products or services, their management must ensure that processes are continually improved to ensure good quality. Therefore, continuous improvement and improvement is the basic principle of the quality management system. Often, companies certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard choose the partners who have received this certificate.

ISO 9001 shows our customers that we have implemented the activities required by the quality management standard on a daily basis, which we monitor on a daily basis.

Why ISO for us? 

We want to be reliable and trustworthy partners for our customers, who operate in accordance with internationally approved standards – quality management and environmental management.