In the middle of this year, reports emerged from big retail brands such as Nike and Adidas that covid 19 would not be able to supply Europe or the US due to supply difficulties.  This is also the case in the paper and board market, where demand far exceeds supply. The so-called Delta variant of the tissue has made it increasingly difficult for people and businesses to find paper.

Businesses and consumers are being forced to wait weeks or longer for what they’ve purchased from printers — or to limit their usage of copy machines — since alternative types of paper are in short supply. Top of the list of items that are more scarce than usual is printed materials like brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and books. As the holiday season approaches, printers are concerned that products would be out of stock due to a lack of paper to meet demand.

Paper manufacturers’ costs have also risen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of wood pulp, a raw material used in paper, has risen 50.2% in the last year. Paper prices increased 14.2% within the same time period. According to some analysts, the paper shortage might last until next year or even 2023.

Domestically, the print industry is experiencing a paper supply shortfall. Internationally, delays in freight transportation time and an increase in fuel cost have resulted in a decrease in the influx of foreign paper stock and a price increase.

Paper, like most commodities, became more difficult to obtain this summer as the Delta version gained traction around the world, limiting labor at paper mills and shipping ports at a time when demand was skyrocketing. The epidemic has accelerated an ongoing fall in paper production as more firms convert to higher-margin packaging materials, including cardboard boxes used in e-commerce.

K-Print strongly encourages pre-planning on all works to avoid significant pricing changes. Papermill shortages and price increases are affecting lead and turnaround times. Our staff is better equipped to find our clients an optimal price point for paper stock that is in supply by pre-planning. Please contact us and we can recommend the selected materials to the warehouse.