There is still a great deal of instability and uncertainty in the world. Continuously rising energy prices, logistical challenges and strikes both in the paper industry and transport are worrisome.  Inevitably, the printing industry is not immune to this. Our Purchasing Manager Rauno Võsu and CEO of the Association of Estonian Printing and Packaging Industry Katre Savi share their thoughts on autumn trends in printing.

We have been facing issues with materials supply for nearly two years, so everyone has had the time to navigate in the new conditions. Rauno Võsu believes that the arrival of autumn and the high season of printing will exacerbate material supply issues even further. “At Kprint we work with partners every day to develop more efficient and versatile logistics solutions. We are also using the tactic of proactive material sourcing more than before in order to meet customers’ wishes and ensure their satisfaction. While in the past we ordered paper and cardboard on a project-by-project basis, we now have to have certain materials in stock in order to provide delivery conditions that suit our customers.”

Katre Savi also claims that the price and availability of materials continues to be the most critical aspect in the production chain. Additionally, printing houses are challenged by the continuously rising energy price and general increase in prices, which affects the final price of the product and the company’s ability to remain competitive in difficult conditions. “If every crisis has winners and losers, then the winner of the current crisis is innovation,” claims Katre Savi. “We have to think and do differently in order to ensure our company the paper we need for production. We have to be creative in pricing, as all input costs are constantly changing. It is important to sell to new markets, create new business models and invest in new equipment in order to increase productivity and be more resource-efficient. New approaches are needed in every activity and decision of a company!”

Rauno Võsu adds that the importance of close cooperation with customers is increasing as well. In order to deliver products to customers on time, we have to take enough time to plan, be flexible and proactive in finding solutions. The winner is the one who manages to plan several months ahead, but at the same time be flexible and rearrange plans in the event of obstacles.

The Association of Estonian Printing and Packaging Industry is approaching autumn similarly, by doing things in a new way. The focus is still on communication in Estonia and internationally, bringing new information and knowledge to members and the creation of a network to operate in export markets, but we are trying to find new ways to be successful and create value with member companies.

We urge customers to please let us know early if you have new and exciting projects coming up so that we can all be better prepared.