2023 began with exciting news for Kprint and it´s partners. A decision was finalized to make the biggest investment in company´s history. 5 million euros was invested into new and better technology that helps reduce our carbon footprint significantly as well as provide a better service to customers in the Nordic region. Rait Rebane, the CEO of Kprint shares his thoughts on the investment and changes for our customers.

Kprint made two major investments this spring and replaced both of its printing machines. What was the reason behind this decision and why now?
Both our offset and digital printing machines are being replaced – we’re exchanging our 5-color Heidelberg CX102 for an 8-color XL106 and the HP Indigo 7900 is being replaced by a larger format HP Indigo 12000. The purpose of the investments is to increase our international competitiveness, added value, and certainly reducing environmental impacts through energy and resource savings.

The idea of replacing both machines has actually been on the table for some time. As for the timing, why now? There is a simple answer to that – as an organization, our people, processes, and organizational culture are ready to support the company’s next leap forward. In order to stay competitive in the printing industry, it is necessary to make continuous new investments in technology. Over the years it has also become clear that it is very easy to buy machines, but it is people and processes that effectively put them to work. In recent years, most of our energy and resources have gone into developing the aforementioned. I believe that today we are capable of learning and adapting enough to replace our entire printing department’s machines at once.

Why were these specific machines chosen?
For the offset printing machine, we chose Heidelberg because it integrates perfectly with our software. We can fully implement the new Heidelberg Push to Stop machine control principles. They increase the machine’s efficiency through increased productivity, significantly reduce setup time and the amount of paper used, all with less load on the operator. In addition to digital solutions, the machine is also equipped with all the technological advancements of recent years. In summary, we can produce 2.5 times more with the same number of staff, reduce paper waste resulting from setup by over 70 tons per year, all with an estimated 40-50% lower energy costs.

As for digital printing, Kprint is a big fan of Indigo printing technology. Years ago, when we bought our current machine, our goal was to bring the first digital offset printing machine to the region to offer quality equivalent to offset printing even for small quantities. With the new B2 format HP Indigo 12k, we want to expand the possibilities of digital printing both vertically and horizontally. In other words, on the one hand, we aim to make digital printing more competitive for increasingly larger print runs (compete more with B2 offset printing), and on the other hand, with a 2.5 times larger paper format, expand the digital printing product portfolio.

What are the main changes for Kprint’s existing customers?
Overall, Kprint’s service becomes even better for our customers. The combination of two new printing devices creates excellent synergy between traditional offset printing and future technology Indigo. Our customers will certainly feel this, as our value proposition grows more complete in terms of production capabilities, deadlines, quality, and in some cases, pricing.

Will Kprint’s product portfolio change, and if so, how much?
Kprint’s product portfolio will certainly change. We will be able to offer a wider range of products and printing options, with better quality and efficiency, thanks to the new machines. But it is also important to note that we are not just selling products, we are providing solutions for our customers. Our focus is on developing partnerships and solutions that create added value for our customers.