You know the feeling that you want some cool packaging for your product, but you don’t even know where to start? What are the options, what kind of packaging is best for my product and why, and so on? There are endless questions, right?

To make your life easier, we list the most typical types of packaging.

Transport packaging

The main purpose of transport packaging is to protect the product from all external forces that may impact it. Still, it should also help convey the image of your brand.

Domestic delivery will put the packaging to the test, with difficulties ranging from weather-related humidity and temperature variations to human error, such as falling or in-vehicle impact. If you’re shipping abroad, your packaging can face a variety of problems, such as changes in air pressure, or just more of the same, such as friction or compression, over the duration of a long journey.

The product must be protected from thieves. The transport packaging must be durable enough to withstand all the rigors of shipping. If it is fragile, it will only increase the likelihood of damage during transport.

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Rigid box

Rigid boxes are one of the most exclusive ways to present your product. However, it is also probably the most expensive. The hard box can be of the cover and base type, a box with a collar, a front opening with a magnet or, for example, a box/sleeve type. Rigid boxes are a type of robust paper-based box made of high-thickness (typically 2-3mm) chipboard that is covered with attractive specialty paper.

Rigid boxes are a high-end packaging option that is frequently used for:

  • Boardgames
  • High-end goods
  • Gifts

Furthermore, rigid packaging has a luxury feel, which improves your clients’ unboxing experience and gives you more chances to develop a strong brand narrative.

Cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are an extremely simple yet effective way to package products. Cardboard is very sturdy and can protect your fragile products during transport. Cardboard boxes are also great for customer use. They are easily recycled by your customers or can be disposed of in your trash bin if you come to a point where you no longer need it.

Cost is one major factor that discourages many businesses from going for the right packaging boxes to complement their product. Some are even scared of their boxes’ printing cost, which can be high in some cases. They cost less than other packaging boxes like, for example, plastic packaging.

Gift box

Gift boxes are the ultimate way of packaging gifts for special occasions. They provide an elegant look to your gifts and are sure to impress your guests. For instance, if you are throwing a birthday party for someone, you will definitely want to present the birthday cake in a gift box. A gift box with a ribbon placed around is the perfect way to show off your personal touch and make it memorable for everyone.

Gift boxes are a type of high-end packaging consisting of a range of materials such as paper, fabric, leather, wood, plastics, and so on. The gift box is appropriate for high-end goods packagings, such as jewelry, cosmetics, food, apparel, and other industries, because it involves hand-made, surface treatment, and post-processing complex.

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